City Temple promotes Christian community in a number of ways including Bible Studies, Kid’s Connect, Mens breakfasts, Women’s ministry and the Deacons.

On Thursday nights, City Temple provides a Koinonia (Greek for “fellowship”) Night. At this event, people share a meal, engage in worship and prayer, receive training, and share their lives.

City Temple also has a residential Christian community as an integral part of its ministry. This community – consisting of staff, members, volunteers and others – resides in the City Temple building and shares extensively in the ministry and leadership of the church.

Throughout the year, the congregation of City Temple gathers frequently for meals and meetings that promote a sense of community and involvement in the ministry of the church.

Koinonia Night

The word ‘Koinonia’ is Greek for ‘Fellowship’.

Koinonia night (or K-night) is our weekly fellowship evening in which we eat together, worship together and receive Christ centred teaching.

The evening begins at 18:30 with a meal. We then have a time of Worship and then attend our preferred choice of teaching.

Teaching includes the Freedom in Christ discipleship and Grace courses, Biblical Hebrew, seminars on the Resurrection of Jesus and others.

Thursday night 16th January we begin a new season of Koinonia Night.

This season we will only offer one course: Learning to Walk with Jesus.

This intensive discipleship course involves Bible study, small group discussion, prayer and many other activities to help people grow in their relationship with Jesus as his apprentices (disciples).
It is different from many discipleship courses in that it does not focus on giving you good information (although there is plenty of that) but it focuses on helping people develop the skills necessary to become effective disciples and life-long learners as followers of Jesus.

The course has been used in various places in the world. Not only will the course help anyone who commits to it to grow in Jesus, the course also gives people a framework they can use to help disciple others.

If you want to grow more in your relationship with Jesus, learning what it means to be his disciple, then we strongly encourage you to come to K-Night over the next 13 weeks.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We will be happy to assist you.

Kids Connect

Kids Connect is our weekly fellowship for anyone from the age of 3 to 16.

We meet every Sunday from 10am – 11am for Bible study and some energetic adventures!

The Kids then join the main service at 11am.
At City Temple, we do not separate the children from the adults.
Everyone is encouraged to attend the whole service.

The Prayer Chapel is available should you need it during the service.

Men's Breakfast

The men’s breakfast is a bi-monthly gathering of the men in the church. It begins with a hearty breakfast followed by an informal presentation and discussion as led by one of the men.

All men are welcome to attend.

Women’s Ministry

The women’s ministry is a bi-monthly gathering of the women in the church.
All women are welcome to attend.

For more details or if you are interested in attending, please contact

Christine Miller:


Deacons at City Temple have the responsibility to help provide for the pastoral care needs of people in the life of the church as requested by those people. Such needs might include visiting and praying for the sick and home bound; helping people in short-term crisis situations; encouraging the weary and disheartened; and other such practical needs as might from time to time prove necessary.

Deacons are not expected to provide for all these pastoral care needs themselves. They help mobilise the people resources of City Temple so that overall City Temple’s people might become more effective at caring for one another.

Residential Community

Helping people connect with one another and with Jesus Christ is the heart of Christian community. Building Christian community is one of the primary aspects of God’s vision for City Temple.

The Citadel Residential Community is one expression of community at City Temple. The Citadel Residential Community is a group of people from various cultures and backgrounds, most of whom live at the City Temple premises, who commit themselves to building a dynamic Christian community in the heart of London as they seek to fulfil God’s vision for City Temple. Some Residential Community members work at City Temple, others are students, and others work in the city.

It is our hope that people who are a part of the Residential Community will find the freedom to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, as well as develop deep relationships with the other members of the Residential Community as well as other people involved with City Temple. We also hope that people will experience what the Bible calls koinonia (true community or fellowship) as they live in a residential community modelled on biblical values (cf. Acts 2:42-47 & 4:32-35).

In the Citadel Vision, the Residential Community members are foundational to the fulfilment of the Vision. Therefore, being a member of the Citadel Residential Community carries significant responsibilities in terms of the work that God is doing at City Temple. The expectations are high in terms of maintaining Christian character and serving others. Every member of the Residential Community formally covenants to live a Christian lifestyle, participate faithfully in the ministry of City Temple, and give a specified amount of practical and ministry service at City Temple each week.