The Week at City Temple
Please feel free to join us or contact us for more information.

We Celebrate The Lord's Supper on the first Sunday of each month.

10.00 Prayer
10.00 Youth Connect

11.00 Worship
12.45 Fellowship Lunch
13.30 Sunday Focus
13.30 Kids Connect

19.30 COLHOP - Men's Prayer Meeting

13.15 Thursday Lunchtime Service

19.00 COLHOP Pursuit


Church Worship Services

Sunday Worship Service 11.00 am

This is our primary service of worship. People from over 15 different nationalities gather to worship Jesus through music, prayer and the word of God.

Thursday Lunchtime Service 13.15 - 13.45
This midweek worship service during Thursday lunchtime features talks that apply God's word to our daily lives, especially at work.

Sunday Focus
Sunday Afternoon 13.30 - 15.00

Sunday Focus takes place on Sunday afternoons after worship. A light lunch is served, followed by training
activities for adults and Kids Connect - stories, games, music and activities - for children age 3 and up.

In this season we'll Focus on building and growing Small Groups. Being equipped and connected will become even more important when God pours out His Holy Spirit in revival. We would encourage you to make this next season of Sunday Focus a priority. All are welcome here.

City of London House of Prayer (COLHOP)
Please contact Karen if you are interested in being a part of COLHOP, seeking to create a 24/7 House of Prayer in the City of London

Wednesday 19.30 Men
Thursday 19.00 Equip Beginnning again in February 2020

Friday 19.00 Pursuit
Kids Connect & Youth Connect

Sunday - Beginning again in February 2020

Youth Connect 10.00

Kids Connect 13.30 -15.00

Youth Connect is a fellowship of young people seeking to live lives devoted to Jesus. Each week discussions on a wide range of topics based on God's word take place with Pastor Rod.

Kid’s Connect is for children from age three and up who desire to meet together to worship, read the Bible, pray for each other and pray for their friends who do not yet know Jesus. Adults who would also like to participate with our kids during this term are invited to
speak with Karen. Your interaction with our kids is very important. We believe that our children grow in worship, learning and Christ-likeness through being with Christians who love Jesus. Please consider joining us for this very important ministry.
Freedom In Christ

City Temple offers the Freedom in Christ Discipleship Course, The Grace Course and Freed to Lead. The next opportunity for The Freedom in Christ Discipleship Course will begin Autumn 2020.
To RSVP please e-mail info@city-temple.com.

For more information about these courses please visit www.ficm.org.uk.

City Temple Men
Wednesday 19.30

Come and join other men for prayer, fellowship and encouragement every Wednesday in The Executive Room, Level 1 at City Temple. All men are welcome here.

Bible Study
Interested in starting a Bible Study? Contact Pastor Rod for more info and support in getting started.

City Of London Pastors

CT in partnership with other churches in the square mile will soon be launching a Christian Nightlife Initiative scheme now called City of London Pastors and you are invited to be part of it.

City of London Pastors is someone who is:

· keen to share the gospel with others when the opportunity arises.
· happy to work in a team and in collaboration with other agencies and projects, both statutory and voluntary
· willing to engage with people, whatever their perspective on life and wherever they hang out;
· concerned for society and our local community;
· a Christian and a member of a City church;

How can I be involved?
If you are a Christian, are over 18 and can commit to one evening a month you can become a City Pastor, or you could be a prayer supporter or a financial supporter.